How Google Sync end of life affected me? Sync2 - Alternative to Google Calendar Sync

Recently all Google Calendar Sync Free app users received an email from Google, that starting on August 1st, 2014 this app will no longer sync events between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. “Important Announcement about Google Calendar Sync Almost two years ago, we announced that we ended support for Google Calendar Sync. Starting on August 1, 2014, this app will no longer sync events between your Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. You can continue to access all of your Google Calendar events at or on your mobile devices. Follow these instructions to uninstall Google Calendar Sync from your computer. - The Calendar Team” There is no need to get frustrated or panic! Google Calendar Sync Free app users still have 15 days to find an alternative for Google Outlook Sync utility. 4Team Corporation offers you a tool for syncing your Google and Outlook Calendar – Sync2 . Sync2 is a free-to-try desktop application. With Sync2 you can

How to get the full installation of Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office users that are running Office 2013 Click-to-run version may encounter issues with some Outlook add-ins and standalone software for Outlook. Some of the programs may not work correctly on this Office version. In this case the best solution would be to install the full version of Office 2013. How to identify Click-to-run Office 2013: If you have Microsoft Office 365 subscription or use its trial version, it most likely mean that your Office 2013 desktop applications are Click-to-run. One of the ways to identify if you are running Click-to-run Office is by going to Control Panel > Programs and Features, selecting Microsoft Office 2013 and clicking on "Change". In the opened window you will see different options depending on whether it is a full or Click-to-run version. See the image below. How to get full installation of Office 2013: Office versions that have the full installation option: •    Office Home & Student 2013; •    Office Home &am

How to restore Outlook data from selected PST backup file?

The following steps show you how to simply restore Outlook data from a selected backup file on a new or existing computer. New Safe PST Backup feature allows creating new PST files after each backup. This way you can restore Outlook data from the selected backup history point. Locate a backup PST file(s) on the computer and use Outlook import/export wizard to restore the data.  In this case, the backup files are located in User Documents->Outlook Files->Back up folder. To start the restore process, launch Outlook. Click File->Open and select "Import". The Import and Export Wizard will pop up showing the list of actions. Select “Import from another program or file” and click “Next”. In the next step you have to choose a file type to import. Select “Outlook data file (.pst)". In the new window, you have to choose the backup file to import into Outlook. Click "Browse" and select the location where

How to import and export contacts to/from Outlook using vCard Wizard

vCard Wizard allows you to import vCard format files to the chosen Microsoft Outlook Contact Folder and Export any Contacts Folder to the vCard format. Below are step by step instructions on how to import/export contacts using vCard Wizard program. Please use the following link to download and install vCard Wizard on your computer, if you have not done that already: Please use the e-mail address to which we will send you an automatic e-mail with the installation instructions triggered by pressing the DOWNLOAD button. When vCard Wizard is installed on PC, please perform the following steps: Double-click on vCarWizard to start the program and Outlook will pop-up. If you wish to export your Outlook contacts to vCard format file please select 'Export contacts to Vcard' New window will show up with the following parameters: 'Export contacts from folder:' allows you to select a calendar fo

How to use Send2

To download Send2 please go to: Click on “Try the new updated Send2 for FREE Now!”, enter your email address and press the “Download” button: After installation you will see Send2 icon on the Outlook toolbar: To start using Send2, you need to create Distribution List first. You can create a Distribution List by selecting 1 of 3 buttons: After you click “Create new Distribution List” button, new dialog will appear. You need to click “Select Members” button and select recipients you want to add to the list. You can also create a Distribution List using this button: After you select this button, you will receive a warning dialog: When Send2 add recipients to a Distribution List you will be able to enter Distribution List name: You can add new recipients to existing Distibution List by clicking “Add to Existing Distrubution List” button: To send a group email right click on the Distrubution List, select Send2 and select TO, CC or BCC: Tip: Send2 Distribution List

How to use Email Responder

To download Email Responder please go to: Click on “Try Email Responder for Microsoft Outlook”, enter your email address and press the “Download” button: After installation you will see the Email Responder icon on the Outlook toolbar: To start using Email Responder, please click the program’s icon and press “Start and Enable Email Responder service”: After you enable the program you will see this button: To set a status and personalize templates click the “Manage Statuses and Templates…” button: Select a status and uncheck all other statuses you do not need: To edit the a template please press the “Edit Auto Reply template” button: Tip: If the “Auto Reply” field is unchecked, auto replies will not be sent. If the “Auto Forward” field is unchecked, emails will not be forwarded automatically. Edit the template and save it: To send auto responses according to your status press the “Status” button and select the a status you need: If you do not need to send auto rep