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Quick and easy way to Synchronize Outlook information

Sync2 is simple yet powerful solution to synchronize Outlook on multiple computers. Most of the businesses today use Microsoft Exchange in order to create and distribute same content to multiple computers running Outlook. However it is complicated and expensive to set up such solution and it does not work well for basic synchronization of Outlook folders. For example if you would like to have your work calendar at home Exchange would not be an elegant solution as it would require much more time and money to implement. Home users also suffer from high costs and steep learning curve in order to implement Exchange or like Exchange environments. That is why we have developed Sync2 . Sync2 is flexible program which can achieve many different goals in one package. You can synchronize as many folders as you need on as many computers as you require. You can synchronize selected folders only. You can also synchronize read unread statuses. You can filter out private items or you can include or