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How to add the backup PST file as a secondary folder in Outlook

Below are step by step instructions on how to add the backup PST file as a secondary folder in Outlook. To open your Outlook account settings, open Outlook -> Tools -> Account Settings... In the opened window select the Data Files tab and click Add…. A new window will ask you to choose a type of storage. Keep the default one and press OK. Choose a location where your backup file is saved. Click the PST file and press OK. In the Name field enter a name for your PST file to be displayed in Outlook and press OK. Your added data (PST) file will appear in the Data Files window. Press the Close button. Your backup will be added to the Outlook folder list displaying all your backed up folders..

How to back up Outlook PST file using Safe PST Backup

Safe PST Backup performs PST file synchronization one way only – from your personal computer to a selected backup location. This article explains how to back up your PST file using our free Safe PST Backup version. You can download it at: Enter your email address and click the Download now button: Double click on the program’s icon to open the main dialog: Right-click – opens the pop-up menu as shown on the following screen: Enter / Click the destination folder path to select a folder where the backed up data will be placed: The destination folder path will be displayed. Note: you will be able to change the destination folder by clicking on the path. Click the “Start Backup” button to start the backup process Click the “Stop Backup” button if you need to stop the process The last backup information will be displayed along with the schedule of the next backup. If you back up PST files manually, your information dialog will look like this: You can schedule y